Return on Investment

When you buy the Doggy Loo, the return on your investment will be realized in just a few short months for several reasons. And here’s why:


  • While Wee-Wee Pad appears to be less expensive because they are paid for as needed, they’re really not when you consider that the annual cost of wee-wee pads to be $912 (a conservative estimate).    
  • In just the first year alone, a Professional Dog Walker will cost approximately $4,680.00 more than The Doggy Loo 
  • Conversely, The Doggy Loois a quality product that built to last which has no reoccurring weekly, monthly, annual cost — once you purchase it, that’s it.  


Here’s a side by side comparison that shows exactly how you will save money by owning the Doggy Loo




Doggy Loo

Dog Walker

Per Day




First Year






Paid in Full