How does it work? 


The Doggy Loouses rechargeable battery to power the system and two internal water tanks — one for fresh water and the other for waste — to safely cart away refuse until it can be flushed down the toilet at the pet owners convenience. 


When a dog steps up on the platform the conveyor, the weight of the dog engages a switch which prepares the system to flush. Then once the pet relieves itself and steps off the platform sensor automatically start the flushing process.   


What is the Flushing Process?     


Once the conveyor belt starts in motion, a trap door opens while the feces is carried away and then dropped inside of the waste holding tank.  


As the belt moves around a turn pulley it changes direction 180 degrees and scrapers scrub down the used service while sprayers sanitize the conveyer surface making it clean again. 


Simultaneously, water is flushed through the troughs located on either side of the sturdy platform carting away any urine left behind which is also then carted away to the refuse tank.


The entire process takes about 45 seconds.  



How long will it take to train my pet?


This depends on you, your pet, and a number of factors such as your pet’s age, habits and temperament.   


Some dogs learn faster than others and some cannot be trained.   


What type of animals can use the Doggy Loo? 


Any four legged pet weighing 2 lbs or more.  


What does it cost?


Simply put the Doggy Loo costs $795.00


How does the price compare to other alternatives?


The short answer is — extremely well.


A cost comparison of alternative methods proves them all to be more expensive than The Doggy Loo, in just the first year.


What are the major selling points?


  • It’s easy to maintain
  • There are no messy wee-wee pads to clean 
  • Contents can be easily disposed of by flushing them down the toilet
  • Now more early morning walks
  • The elderly never have to walk their dog in cold icy weather
  • The Doggy Loooffers convenience and is cost effective