The Doggy Loo — the portable pet toilet — is designed to allow a pet relieve itself, unsupervised, without making a mess. 


Today, most pet owners work full time and have to leave their pets home alone for long hours, which is unfair to the dog and presents a unique problem for the pet owner who can’t always be home on time to walk the dog. 


There’s also the elderly who have a companion dog but find it difficult to walk the pet early in the morning or late at night and because of local leash leash laws can’t just allow the dog to run loose.    


The Doggy Loo was designed to address both of these issues and some key features include:

Dog Toilet

  • A light portable framework
  • An easy to maintain architecture
  • No recurring costs
  • Easily flushable waste bin      


Just think, no more early morning walks when you are late for work or tired from a long week and you never have to worry about rushing home to let your dog out or cleaning messy wee-wee pads ever again. 


The Doggy Loo offers you convenience and will save you money!