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C-Tec Corporation — The Doggy Loo is a spinoff from a High-Tech Equipment manufacturer from Long Island, NY.


One of the few true American Manufacturers left in the United States, all products made by C-Tec are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA.


Established in 2000 to meet the growing demands for special engineering projects, C-Tec was founded by Joseph Conti, an engineer and inventor who holds numerous patents.  


Over the past 11 years C-Tec has developed specialty products for NASA, Aerospace Companies, Small Manufactures and countless others who required an engineering/manufacturing team that had in depth knowledge of designing robotics, optical measuring systems and mechanical probing.  


The Doggy Loo was born from the idea that it is unfair to make pets wait hours on end before answering the call of nature.  Our founder noticed many professional friends and elderly were not always available to take their dogs out and sometimes the dog would relieve itself in the home leaving a mess; so he invented a toilet that flushes.  Now the dog is independent and can go when it needs too. 


The Doggy Loo

Is Proudly Built in the USA 

The Doggy Loo is a product of:  C-Tec Corporation, Whitestone NY, USA

 Patent Pending

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